Nailless Boxes

Nailless Boxes

Our Nailless boxes are preferred by client across a wide range of verticals for their versatility, ease of operations and recyclable character.

Nailless boxes are transported to your location in a collapsed state; hence your savings start right from that point. Once at your place, you won’t require any carpenters and nails and hammers to pack your products.

Our Nailless collapsible plywood boxes come with sturdy side hinges made up of the best quality of galvanized steel. The strength of these hinges changes with the amount of load carrying capacity required.

We use top brands of plywood with thicknesses of 6mm, 9mm and 12 mm- More the thickness of the plywood, more the load carrying capacity of the Nailless box. We manufacture boxes that can easily carry loads of a few tons.

Benefits of using Nailless Boxes

  • Can be customized for your product easily since varying thicknesses are available.
  • Saves transportation cost substantially while being sent to your facility.
  • Easily stackable with minimal space requirement.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble. You can do it without any technical help.
  • As only plywood is used, Nailless boxes are exempt from phytosanitary regulations
  • Nailless boxes do not require heat treatment or fumigation
  • Only Galvanized Steel hinges are used and the thickness can vary depending on load carrying requirement.
  • Clean look- Great for company branding

Variations available:

S type Nailless Boxes

The S type is constructed with a frame of four walls, covered with a lid on top and the pallet sits at the bottom. The frame is collapsible (or foldable) and is transported as a flattened unit. The galvanized steel tongues on the lid and bottom are folded inside the frame.

P type Nailless Boxes

Also known as Buckle Box, it has the same design as the S-Type Nailless box, with the only difference being that the frame is completely disassembled into four parts. Each part is then joined together using the galvanized steel tongues.

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