Plywood Box

Plywood box is a safe and unique Packing for the Packaging of expensive, delicate designed and sophisticated product. We are specialist in manufacturing and sales of various types & size of plywood box, as per the customer's drawing and demand. We use the best available plywood in our boxes and our plywood comes in various thickness of between 5mm to 18mm. With the best manufacturing equipment and production process, we have integrated manufacturing, processing and servicing to provide our customers with an entire product packaging solutions.

Nailless Box with Handle

This type of Nailless box is equipped with a good quality polyester cotton belt, fixed with two sides of plywood. This helps to lift the box manually that eases the operations of loading/unloading as well as manual handling of putting the packed product in the warehouse.

Nailless Box with Pallette

LorPallets make the process of loading/unloading with forklift easier to and it also saves time and extra labour expenses.

Plywood Skid for Exporting

Specially designed plywood pallets for the export of Heavy machinery/ automobile parts/ motorcycle in SKD conditions.

S type Nailless Box

For reusing the boxes, S-type Nailless box is very useful to deliver the goods from company's one unit to another plant and warehouse. The empty boxes can be folded and put to store for next time delivery.

P type Nailless Box

Also known as Buckle Box, it has the same design as the S-Type Nailless box, with the only difference being that the frame is completely disassembled into four parts. Each part is then joined together using the galvanized steel tongues.


We also manufacture durable wooden and economical palettes that come in various load-bearing capacities. Our wooden pallets are suitable for packaging heavy machinery, automotive accessories, electrical & electronic goods, catering goods, and other such goods.

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